U.S. – DoJ Elder Fraud Strike Force

On Jun. 13, DoJ announced transnational elder fraud strike force.

  • The strike force will be a law enforcement effort bringing together the resources
    and expertise of the DoJ consumer protection, and USAO for 6 federal districts.
  • Also includes the FBI, the US Postal Inspection Service, and other organizations.


  • There will also be collaboration with the FTC and industry partners, who have
    pledged to engage with the Department to help end the scourge of elder fraud.
  • There will be a focus on investigating and prosecuting individuals and entities
    associated with foreign-based schemes that disproportionately affect US seniors.
  • These include telemarketing, mass-mailing, and tech-support fraud schemes.
  • The force will use analytical tools and sophisticated investigative approaches,
    to help to identify those individuals and entities facilitating these fraud schemes.
  • The Force will coordinate with foreign law enforcement and use all the available
    tools to stop victims from losing money and to hold those wrongdoers responsible.