DoJ Elder Fraud Sweep

On Mar. 7, DoJ coordinated largest-ever elder fraud sweep.

  • AG Barr of Justice Department said it coordinated largest US elder fraud sweep.


  • Cases during this sweep involved more than 260 defendants from around globe
  • Defendants victimized more than two million Americans, most of them elderly.
  • DoJ took action in every federal district across country in criminal or civil cases.
  • List of elder fraud cases pursued by DoJ can be seen using an interactive map.
  • In total, the charged elder fraud schemes caused alleged losses of millions of
    dollars more than last year; losses were over three fourths of one billion dollars.
  • Since enacted bipartisan Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act (EAPPA),
    DoJ has participated in hundreds of enforcement actions, training and outreach.

Types of Fraud

  • Actions include tech-support fraud, transnational mass mailing elder fraud cases.
  • Plus money mule networks through mail, electronically, that facilitate elder fraud.
  • DoJ benefited from work of International Mass-Marketing Fraud Working Group.
  • IMMFWG agencies in Belgium, Canada, Europol, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, UK.
  • As part of state, federal, and international crackdown on tech support scams, FTC
    said temporarily shut down Utah-based scheme duping consumers into believing
    their computers were infected with viruses and to sell them costly repair services.
  • US judge issued temporary restraining order against Elite IT Partners and founder.
  • FTC action is part of DoJ elder fraud initiative and its focus on tech-support scams.