CAL INS Bill To Protect Seniors

On Jul. 17, CAL INS said bill to protect seniors signed into law.

  • Commissioner-Dave Jones, had sponsored the bill to protect California seniors

Impact of Law

  • Law improves long-term care insurance and accelerated death benefit statutes.
  • Assembly Bill 2180, facilitates policy review process for more insurance choice.
  • California is home to the largest number of seniors age 65 and older in the US.
  • Will grow from about one in five persons by 2030 to nearly one in four in 2040.
  • Expanding aging population, will increase the need for long-term care services.
  • May lead to more interest in long-term care insurance to finance these services.


  • Allow flexibility of long-term care insurance benefits, via alternate plan of care.
  • Under this, insurer would pay for services not otherwise covered by the policy.
  • Many consumers choose to protect themselves, by buying life insurance policy.
  • Allows accelerated death benefit, for a qualifying catastrophic or chronic illness.

Certified Illness

  • Clarifies standards and processes for certification of an insured's chronic illness.
  • By providing more standardized terms and procedure for alternate plan of care,
  • Define benefit payment, claim, and application with more clarity and specificity.
  • Changes will help insurers write more compliant forms, end delays in approval.
  • Help insurers bring new insurance products to market, give choice to consumer.


  • These changes from Assembly Bill 2180, will become effective January 1, 2019.