Learning Platform

ILG Learning Portal

The ILG Learning Portal is not just a state of the art learning management system, it is a state of the art virtual campus. Our learning portal is a true alternative to live instructor led classroom training that facilitates procedural learning, with substantial cost savings! The ILG Learning Portal is not ONLY capable of delivering e-learning or computer based training (CBT), but effective hands on training in a through a true virtual campus.

We've designed the ILG Learning Portal with customers across industries in mind. Whether you are a compliance officer looking to deliver employee education or an educator looking to deliver remote learning for your students the ILG Learning Portal consists of a simple user interface, provides easy on-boarding of learners, enables user learning paths and reporting tools to ensure that you can administer and track learning paths across your organization.

The design of the Learning Portal centralizes and automates administration, allowing for the rapid assembly and delivery of learning content. You can even upload and manage your own content with the Learning Portal for a unique virtual learning experience.

ILG Virtual Campus

Expand the use of the ILG Learning Portal to provide your organization with a full-fledged Virtual Campus with many features including:

  • Interactive applications and desktop sharing
  • Virtual Classroom with whiteboard tools
  • Virtual Lab computers (built to meet each requirement)
  • Instructor view of student computers
  • Desktop sharing
  • Multiparty VoIP audio
  • High-fidelity recording
  • Live Web video
  • Student Response System
  • Reporting and Analytical Tool Suite
  • Grade book & Attendance tracker
  • Badges and Certificates
  • Social Learning Community

Delivered to you as a cloud solution, the ILG Learning Portal and Virtual Campus can be white-labeled with your firm's logo and enabled with single sign-on for seamless integration to your intranet for easy deployment across your organization.