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SEC Failure to Supervise, Protect

On Jun. 29, SEC charged broker¬†with failure to protect customers. Alexander Capital and 2 managers failed to supervise 3 brokers for client fraud. Alleged Violations Managers Philip Noto II, Barry Eisenberg, ignored red flags on excessive trading. Noto had failied to supervise two brokers and Eisenberg failed to supervise one. Did not reasonably oversee William…
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SEC LI Broker Investment Scam

On May 30, SEC charged broker with defrauding clients up to $8mn. Charged former registered representative with defrauding long-standing brokerage customers in an $8mn investment scam, including senior citizens, misled investors. Alleged Fraud Steven Pagartanis, affiliated with broker dealer, told customers would invest in public traded or private land development companies, promised safe investment returns,.…
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