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News pertaining to the learning and training industry.

U.K. FCA Handbook Notice

On 13 September, FCA issued new handbook rule notice on fees, training. Covers handbook notice 47 with changes to the FCA handbook based on various CPs. Includes changes to training (CP 17/14), disclosures (CP 17/6), pensions (CP 16/30). And listing rules (corporate governance CP17/6) and payment services fees (CP17/12). Handbook Administrations Board has made minor…
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China -PBOC Briefing on AML Status

On 11 September, PBOC issued statement on 8 September AML briefing in Beijing. Meeting on status of AML work, views from financial institutions on experiences. Yin Yong, VP, of PBOC outlined the deployment, for the next stage of AML tasks. CPC Central Committee and State Council attach great importance to AML work. Seek improved AML…
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E.U. ESMA Market Abuse FAQs

On 1 September, ESMA updated FAQ on scope financial instruments for market soundings.   Cover question 6.1 (market abuse), 9.1 (market soundings), 10.1, 10.2 (insider lists). Notes that MAR does not cross refer to MiFID/UCITs so not limited to those categories. Prevention of market abuse applies to all persons professional arranging transactions. This can extend…
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