China -PBOC Briefing on AML Status

On 11 September, PBOC issued statement on 8 September AML briefing in Beijing.

  • Meeting on status of AML work, views from financial institutions on experiences.
  • Yin Yong, VP, of PBOC outlined the deployment, for the next stage of AML tasks.
  • CPC Central Committee and State Council attach great importance to AML work.
  • Seek improved AML regulatory system to safeguard economy, security, stability.

AML Concerns

  • Overall risk is still rising, anti-money laundering work is facing severe challenges.
  • Risk of sanctions compliance highlighted rising risk of overseas AML law in China.
  • As international AML standards become more stringent, China facing assessment.


  • Sought strict prevention and control of money laundering, terrorist financing risk.
  • Deepen reform, improve AML, anti-terrorism financing, anti-tax evasion systems.
  • Strengthen supervision and coordination, increase AML supervision accountability.
  • Improve risk management, implementation by institutions of main responsibilities.