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UK Treasury, OFSI Raphaels Fine

On Feb. 25, UK Treasury, OFSI issued penalty for sanctions breach. On Monday Jan. 21, 2019 the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation issued penalty of £5,000.00, in accordance with s 146 of the policing and crime act 2017. Against Raphaels Bank for contravening of Egypt (asset-freezing) regulations 2011. The value of the transaction was £200.00…
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OFAC Reimposed Iran Sanctions

On Aug. 6, OFAC revised existing Iran-FAQs for reimposed sanctions. Follows White House Aug. 2018 executive order re-imposing sanctions re Iran. OFAC Statement and FAQ OFAC has revised statement and updated FAQ on implementation of May 2018 decision to end US participation in joint comprehensive plan of action (JCPOA). Implements Treasury May 2018 notice reimposing…
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UKP Russian Corruption in UK

On May 21, UKP foreign affairs panel issued report on Russian money. UK be serious about confronting full scope of President Putin’s offensive measures. Robust rhetoric from Prime Minister, following attempted murder of Sergei Skripal and his daughter has been undermined by business as usual sign on UK front door. Report says the use of London…
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