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CFTC Pay Foreign Whistleblower

On Jul. 16, CFTC issued first award for a foreign whistle-blower. First payment by CFTC whistleblower program to person in a foreign country. $70k has been awarded for a significant contribution leading to a settlement. This is sixth award for information on violations of Commodity Exchange Act.
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CFTC $30mn to Whistleblower

On Jul. 12, CFTC announced largest-ever whistleblower award. Whistleblower provided original information that led to an enforcement action. The $30mn award is the largest made under the CFTC whistleblower program. Previous highest award, paid to CFTC whistleblower, was $10mn in Mar. 2016. CFTC hope award will facilitate upward momentum and success of its program.
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CFTC $5.5mn FCM Metals Fraud

On June 13, CFTC charged FCM in $5.5mn precious metal scam. Enforcement action against Omega Knight 2, Aviv Michael Hen, and Erez Hen. Alleged Violations For making false statements to sell leveraged, financed, and fully-paid trades. 90 customers paid total of $5.5mn in connection with these false transactions. Funds paid personal, business expenses and so…
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