FMA 2019 Supervision Priorities

On Nov. 28, FMA issued 2019 priorities for supervision, audit.

  • FMA priorities for supervision, inspections in 2019 and facts, trends, strategies.


  • Following thematic areas defined as 2019 priorities for supervision, inspections.
  • First, financial market digitalization: supporting digital change, managing risks.
  • Next, business model sustainability: anticipatory thinking, acting anti-cyclically.
  • Corporate governance: strengthening resilience in changing risk environment.
  • Comprehensive examination of risk: increasing stability of supervised entities
    by means of strong compliance and the strict prevention of money laundering.
  • Collective consumer protection: increased awareness of risk thanks to targeted
    information, confidence due to product transparency, fairness from high quality.
  • Operational readiness for future crises: improving FMA, financial centre fitness.


  • Specific measures defined for each thematic area to prioritize area for inspection.
  • E.g, challenges of digitalization addressed by means of cyber incident simulation.
  • This stresses IT, cyber security in supervised entities to detect, rectify weakness.
  • Priority of rule compliance for consumers protection regarding digital instruments technologies; regarding outsourcing, priority is placed on cloud-based computing.
  • Another focus is the policy of sustainably granted consumer loans and mortgages.
  • In addition there will be particular focus on fairness and transparency regarding
    the distribution of financial instruments and insurance, also investment products.
  • Only some examples, full list with facts, figures, trends, strategies on FCA site.