MAS Suspicious Activity Report

On Oct. 5, MAS revised notice on reporting suspicious activities.

  • Amendments are compared against the version of Notice CMG-N01 on reporting
    of suspicious activities & incidents of fraud, issued Jan. 2013, revised Mar. 2014.

Required Reporting

  • Report any suspicious activities and incidents of fraud, where material to safety,
    soundness or reputation of relevant entity, per form, manner, and time specified.
  • File suspicious transaction reports, at the suspicious transaction reporting office,
    as well as with the commercial affairs department in the Singapore Police Force.
  • Form F1, suspicious activities & incidents of fraud report, in 5 days of discovery.

Expansion to Exchanges

  • Scope of reporting is expanded to include persons exempt from being approved
    exchange, or recognized market operator, under section 7(6) or 7(7) of the Act.


  • Changes are effective from October 8, 2018.