UK GC Fine Camelot £1.15mn

On Aug. 23, UK GC fined Camelot for control, governance failing.

  • GC investigation into historic control and governance failings at Camelot completed.
  • Launched due to identified failings regarding governance, risk, control framework.


  • Dec. 21, 2016, failings identified including 5 controls-related matters serious enough to warrant financial penalty, including incomplete lotto results publication on web.
  • Also incorrect prize outcomes notified on mobile checker/QR scanner, direct debit instruction failure, security measures failings, Post Office contract control failings.
  • Safeguards also sought regarding key licensee subcontract (KLS) management
  • A further ten license breaches will be recorded, but did not require further action.

Action Taken

  • To encourage swift action by Camelot, the investigation was initially put on hold.
  • In Dec. 2016 response, Camelot carried out operational excellence program (OEP).
  • Also, in Feb. 2017, GC directed Camelot conduct board effectiveness review (BER).
  • Once sufficient progress was made on OEP, BER, GC progressed the investigation.
  • Included other controls related failures discovered since investigation commenced.


  • Payment in lieu of £1.15mn penalty, record of license breaches, also undertakings
    regarding Post Office, KLS, Security matters, agreed publication of Camelot failings.
  • The penalty package will be paid by Camelot and is for the benefit of good causes.