NASAA Fiduciary Rule Progress

On Apr. 24, NASAA reported progress to meet DOL fiduciary rule.

  • NASAA report confirmed industry progress to comply with DOL fiduciary rule.
  • In the multi-billion-dollar individual retirement account (IRA) rollover market.

Main Findings

  • Demonstrates that broker-dealers were making progress in revising policies,
    and procedures to inform investors in retirement plan for DOL fiduciary rule.
  • Rule would have treated as fiduciaries if recommend IRA rollovers to clients.
  • Cited tangible benefits that came from Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule.

Report Scope

  • Based on nationwide survey of 96 large, mid-size and small, broker-dealers.
  • To determine the standard of care they were using, before to the DOL’s rule.
  • Steps they took in anticipation of rule’s implementation, originally Apr. 2017.
  • Rule was vacated by the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Mar 15, 2018.
  • Prior to court decision, no standard of care was given, other than suitability.
  • However, after rule’s adoption, many firms reported steps to modify policies.
  • To bring these activities into compliance with rule’s best interests standards.
  • Included new policies and procedures, guidance to agents with the accounts.