U.S. OFAC, Iraq ISIS Finance EMIR

On 29 August, Treasury OFAC collaborated with Iraq on ISIS financier.

  • Action taken targeting Salim Mustafa Muhammad al-Mansur an ISIS finance emir.
  • The designation highlighted the US commitment to work with Government of Iraq.

Named Financier

  • Iraq barred Mansur from its financial system, and froze assets under its authority.
  • Mansur's involvement with ISIS and predecessor, AQI, date back to at least 2009.
  • As an AQI commander he was involved in fundraising to support terrorism in Iraq.
  • Mansur was involved in moving hundreds of thousands of dinars, to ISIS in Mosul.
  • Additionally, in 2015, Mansur laundered and transferred money on behalf of ISIS.
  • Responsible for sales of crude oil, extracted by ISIS, from fields in Iraq and Syria.
  • In early 2017, Mansur was ISIS finance emir for Mosul who had moved to Turkey.