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FINRA Conflicts for Own Staff

On Oct. 24, FINRA proposed rules on post-office¬†staff conflicts. To adopt Rule 9910 post-employment conflict restrictions; nonpublic information. Ban Ex-Employee Advocacy Prohibit former officers from communication or appearance at FINRA, for a year. Any ex-employee banned from advocating FINRA at any time in matter involving specific party with whom personally or substantially involved during employment.…
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SEC Charge IA for $15mn Fraud

On Sep. 14, SEC charged IA on conflicts that defrauded customers. Steele Financial and Tamara Steele sold $15mn in stock from a private company, Behavioral Recognition Systems (BRS), previously charged with fraud by the SEC. Alleged Violations Shares sold to 120 advisory clients, many of whom are current or former teachers. Steele did not disclose…
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