DoJ $1.5bn Japan and US Ponzi

On Apr. 18, 2019, DoJ said two investment executives were extradited by Japan.

  • Junzo Suzuki and son Paul Suzuki, 40, were charged in 2015 indictment re fraud.
  • Japan arrested Suzukis in Jan 2019 at US request and extradited them on Apr. 17.
  • Junzo Suzuki previously was an executive VP for Asia Pacific of MRI International.
  • Paul Suzuki previously was general manager for Japan operations based in Tokyo.
  • MRI purported as factoring, whereby the company purchased accounts receivable
    from medical providers at discount, and then attempted to recover from debtors.
  • From 2009-2013, Suzukis and co-defendant Fujinawa, solicited investments from thousands of Japanese residents, when MRI collapsed they owed investors $1.5bn.