FINFSA Money Laundering Guide

On Jan. 7, FINFSA advised AML Standard 2.4 is not yet updated.

  • FINFSA advised that the standard 2.4 knowing the customer - preventing money
    laundering and terrorist financing,
    had not yet been updated re 2017, 2018 laws.


  • Not yet take into account amendments to money laundering act in force Jul. 2017.
  • And other legal acts repealed or issued in connection with general reform of laws.
  • The 2017 money laundering act implemented the 4th money laundering directive.
  • Amended Jun. 2018, to implement ESA, OECD and FATF recommendations, by Act amending the law on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • FINFSA intends to update the relevant regulations and instructions by Jun. 2019.