HK SFC Public Fraud Reporting

On Oct. 18, HK SFC issued web page to report corporate fraud.

  • New features on SFC website to encourage public reporting of offences, suspects.

Fraud, Misconduct

  • Form located on new reporting corporate fraud and market misconduct webpage.
  • To make easier for public to report suspected corporate fraud, market misconduct.
  • Webpage gives non-exhaustive list of activities to report including insider dealing, market manipulation, failure to disclose price-sensitive information, price rigging.


  • Online form for the public to report whereabouts of people SFC is trying to locate.
  • Have you seen these people? section of SFC’s website provides additional details
    about key suspects SFC is trying to locate and an online form to give information.
  • Can be provided anonymously however encouraged to supply contact information.

Outside Hong Kong

  • Where reported information, points to evidence outside Hong Kong, the SFC may
    seek investigative/assistance, from regulatory counterparts in other jurisdictions.