CFTC Precious Metals Fraud

On Oct. 3, CFTC charged firm $1.3mn precious metals scheme.

  • Aaron Scott conducted his scheme through BMC Worldwide, (Blue Moon Coins).

Alleged Violations

  • Firm defrauded 130 customers with contracts of sale specifically gold and silver.
  • Defendants lied to customers, and stole their funds, resulting in $1.3mn losses.
  • Blue Moon did not keep an inventory of precious metals enough to fulfill orders.
  • In many cases, they made no effort to buy the metals to fulfill customer orders.
  • Scott and Blue Moon used the funds to pay operating expenses, invest in other
    businesses, pay debts, and refund to other customers or fulfill customer orders.


  • CFTC seek restitution to defrauded customers, disgorgement of ill-gotten gains.
  • As well as permanent registration and trading bans, and civil monetary penalty.