SEC Nonko Trading Fraud Charge

On Sep. 5, SEC charged two with fraud in fake trading accounts.

  • Jeffrey Goldman and Christopher Eikenberry of Michigan, in Nonko Trading fraud.
  • Profited from a scheme to defraud Nonko’s customers out of at least $1.4 million.
  • Charges include fraud, aiding, abetting Nonko’s fraud, and registration violations.


  • Nonko was marketed as a state-of-the-art platform for day-trading professionals.
  • However, it provided clients with training accounts that merely simulated trading.
  • Allegedly pocketed deposits, used money for personal expenses, Ponzi payments.
  • Deliberately targeted traders who were inexperienced or history of trading losses
  • Lured them by promising generous leverage, low deposits and trade commission.
  • US Attorney’s Office for District of New Jersey, also announced criminal charges.


  • SEC previously charged four individuals, 2 entities in connection to Nonko fraud.
  • 2 of individuals, Naris Chamroonrat and Adam Plumer, now settled SEC charges.
  • Chamroonrat also pled guilty in parallel criminal case and is awaiting sentencing.
  • Criminal charges on 2 others charged by SEC, Yaniv Avnon, Ran Armon, pending.


  • SEC sought injunctions, disgorgement of alleged gains, plus interest and penalty.