SEC Cannabis Fund Fraud Charge

On Sep. 5, SEC charged cannabis investment fund and founder.

  • Charged Texas-based investment fund and founder, with defrauding investors
  • By false promises of making massive returns with cannabis-related businesses.

Alleged Violations

  • SEC alleged Greenview Investment Partners L.P. and its founder Michael Cone
    used misleading marketing materials when raising over $3.3mn from investors.
  • Promised investors up to 24% in annual returns from investment in Greenview.
  • Cone used an alias to conceal his prior criminal convictions, lied about having
    former agent from US DEA on staff and falsely claimed to have a good record.
  • The complaint alleges that, in reality, Greenview had no track record, and sole
    investment of $400,000 was in cannabis company that had yet to harvest crop.
  • Cone spent investor money on designer clothes, luxury cars, personal expense.
  • In parallel criminal proceeding, the US Attorney’s Office for the Central District
    of California charged Cone, and seized approximately $1.4mn in cash, assets.


  • Cone agreed to officer-and-director bar, with a permanent injunction and the
    court will determine the disgorgement and prejudgment interest at later time.

Investor alert

  • SEC issued alert to warn investors about marijuana-related securities offerings.
  • In the alert, OIEA and RSTF urge investors to consider risk of investment fraud
    and risk of market manipulation before investing in marijuana-related company.
  • Points out guaranteed high rate of return on the investment is red flag of fraud.