UK FCA SMR Unregulated Acts

On Jul. 27, 2018, UK FCA issued final handbook notice 57 on status of industry codes.

  • Rules on FCA Recognized Industry Codes (DEPP, EG) Instrument 2018 (FCA 2018/36).
  • Board has made changes to the FCA Handbook sections as follows: Glossary, DEPP 6.
  • The FCA has also made changes the following section of the enforcement guide: EG 2.
  • Instrument explains status of industry codes, which have been recognized by the FCA.
  • Changes help groups which have made industry codes to help raise conduct standards.
  • By supporting industry groups to develop good quality, up-to-date and relevant codes.
  • Came into force on Jul. 18, 2018, feedback was issued in a separate policy statement.