IIROC Enforcement Report 2017

On May 4, IIROC issued report on 2017 enforcement, and suitability.

  • Highlighted actions taken and progress in enforcement in six provinces of Canada.
  • Since Jan. 2017, IIROC gained additional legal authority for enforcement actions.
  • Half of enforcement matters on suitability included seniors, new laws improved it.

Sanction Statistics

  • Focus remained on suitability, 45% of prosecutions, seniors 40% of all cases, 30%
    of prosecutions, in 2017 received 1,163 complaints, conducted 127 investigations.
  • Increased by 25%, cases against firms senior compliance personnel, fines doubles.
  • Sanctions imposed on individuals, raised to $3.4 mn, up from $3.1 million in 2016.
  • Collaboration among provinces key, with other regulators, to uncover wrongdoing.