EC Consumer Online Rights

On Apr. 11, EC issued approach to strengthen consumer rights.

  • Proposed changes to EU law that strengthen EU consumer rights and enforcement.
  • More transparency in online marketplace, and in search results on online platform.

Consumer Online Rights

  • Inform consumer on whether they are buying from trade or from a private person.
  • Consumer to be clearly informed when a search result is being paid for by a trader.
  • Inform consumer about the main parameters that determine the ranking of results.
  • Extended the application of rights to digital service paid for by consumers to cover free digital services such as cloud storage service, social medial and email account.

Actions by Representatives

  • Empower qualified entities to launch representative action on behalf of consumers.
  • This is open for entities, such as non-profit consumer organisations, not law firms.
  • Consumer has rights in all EU States to claim individual remedy when consumer is affected by unfair commercial practices, such as aggressive, misleading marketing.

Effective Penalties

  • National consumer authorities to impose effective penalties in coordinated manner.
  • Maximum fine for widespread infringement 4% of trader's annual turnover in each respective EU State with each State being free to introduce higher maximum fines

Dual Quality Consumer Products

  • From Sept. 2017, following CMSM guidelines unfair commercial practices directive amended to clarify that dual quality practices misleading consumers are prohibited.

Improved Conditions for Business

  • Consumers not allowed to return used products instead of merely trying them out.
  • Traders no longer to reimburse the consumers before receiving the returned goods.
  • Trader able to communicate with consumer via web forms or chat instead of email.


  • EC consumer proposal will be discussed by the European Parliament and EU Council.