OFAC Mexican Kingpin Group

On Mar. 6, Treasury OFAC designated Mexican drug trafficker group.

  • Targeted individuals and companies, close to Ruelas Torres drug trafficking group.
  • Named Joel Efren Ruelas Avila and those close to new leadership of Ruelas Torres.
  • Sanctioned 8 individuals and 8 companies linked to the Sinaloa based organization.

Persons Designated

  • Maria Rocha, Patricia Ruelas Avila, Jose Maria Ruelas Avila, Trinidad Ruelas Avila,
  • Raquel Guerrero, Cruz Medrano, and all family members of Joel Efren Ruelas Avila.
  • Pedro Sanchez Medrano, Reyna Rivera Sandoval, associates of Ruelas Torres DTO.

Entities Designated

  • Designated five agricultural firms, two construction firms, and clothing boutique.
  • As Agricola Ruelas, Alondra Produce, Comercializadora Gael 4, Dispersora Gael,
  • Felixtapia SC Construction: Constructora Joel, clothing store, Cruzita Novedades.
  • All entities designated, are based in or registered in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.