U.S. CFTC Parts 3 and 9 Regulations

On Jan. 9, CFTC issued part 3, 9 regulation on market discipline.

  • Integrate existing advisory guidance, incorporate swap execution facilities (SEFs),
    and update provisions currently applicable to designated contract markets (DCMs).

CFTC Revisions

  • Part 3 governs registration of intermediaries; while Part 9 details the rules related
    to CFTC review of exchange disciplinary, access denial, and other adverse actions.
  • Amendments revise Part 9 rules to delete cross-references to deleted Part 8 rules.
  • Add citation to parallel provisions, contained in Part 37 for SEFs, Part 38 for DCMs.
  • The CFTC removed Part 8 rules, during the implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act.
  • Require publication of disciplinary and denial action by SEFs and DCMs on website.

NFA Notice

  • CFTC also updated notice, that allows NFA to receive exchange disciplinary notices.


  • Final rules are effective in 60 days after date of publication in the federal register.