U.K. FCA Handbook Notice

On 13 September, FCA issued new handbook rule notice on fees, training.

  • Covers handbook notice 47 with changes to the FCA handbook based on various CPs.
  • Includes changes to training (CP 17/14), disclosures (CP 17/6), pensions (CP 16/30).
  • And listing rules (corporate governance CP17/6) and payment services fees (CP17/12).

Handbook Administrations

  • Board has made minor changes to various modules of FCA handbook but not consulted.
  • Include SYSC 1, COND 2, FEES 13, IPRU(INV) 5, COBS 10A, CASS 6, SUP 10C, DISP 1.
  • Changes definition of client, references to common platform organizational requirements
  • And consequential amendments to SYSC 4.3A.7R(2)(b)(i) to Glossary definition of CRR.
  • Removes Glossary hyperlink in COND 2.4.4G(2)(e) to reflect no client money definition.
  • Adds glossary hyperlinks to securities and regulated collective investment in IPRU(INV).
  • New text to SUP 12 Annex 4R form relating to appointed representatives of undertaking.
  • And changes to clarify speed of arrangements to facilitate access to MTF/OTFs in SUP.


  • Most changes in force 13 September 2017 with others scheduled between November and January 2018.