U.S. CFTC Forex Ponzi Charges

On 24 August, CFTC filed enforcement on forex trading pool fraud.

  • Thomas Lanzana, Nikolay Masanko, Blackbox Pulse, White Cloud Mountain LLC.
  • As solicited customers to their foreign currency derivatives (forex) trading pools.

Alleged Violations

  • Charged for fraud, misappropriatng customer funds, and registration violations.
  • Defendants solicited about $700k from 31 customers to invest in their FX pools.
  • Masanko misrepresented that Lanzana was successful FX trader, when was not.
  • Lanzana lost over $12k trading forex in his personal accounts from 2013-2017.
  • Defendants sent false monthly statements and also posted them to the website.
  • Sent false tax documents to customers and reported earnings that did not exist.
  • CFTC alleged Lanzana misappropriated approximately $350k of customer funds.
  • Lanzana used some of the funds in Ponzi scheme and to pay personal expenses.
  • Included luxury car, jewelry retailers, golf expenses, among others they alleged.


  • Both are unregistered, and prohibited from destroying or concealing their books.
  • Court hearing scheduled for Sep. on motion seeking preliminary injunction order.