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Regulatory Update is information specific to regulations affecting the financial services industry

DenFSA Danske AML Penalties

On Jan. 31, 2019, EST FSA issued response to DenFSA comment on responsibility. English summary of report contains a number of allegations or positions that the Financial Supervision Authority does not accept based on the legal circumstances. Danske Bank's organization and management didn't work, task of Danish financial supervision was and is to oversee organization…
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TAI FSC Products for Elderly

On Jan. 31, TAI FSC promoted products to support the elderly. Promotes relevant financial policies for the elderly and disadvantaged, and guides financial institutions to actively develop the needs of the elderly and disadvantaged. Measures In order to ensure the economic security of the elderly and the disabled, will list the end-of-life insurance premium income…
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UK Treasury Amend AML Regs

On Jan. 29, 2019, UK FCA published an updated version of its MLR individual form. Use if applying to add an individual after registration as annex I financial institution.  
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JER Harassment/Whistleblowing

On Jan. 21, JER States implemented bullying/whistleblowing policy. New framework managing bullying/harassment in the public sector, outlines clear responsibilities for managers, early process to resolve cases informally if possible. Internal mediators/investigators recruited to manage cases quickly and impartially. New whistleblowing policy encourages employees to speak out when they witness inappropriate activity, including concerns about patient…
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GE BaFin Large Exposure Reports

On Jan. 17, GE BaFin¬†proposed¬†regulation amending GroMiKV. Draft regulation amending the large loan and credit facility regulations (GroMiKV). Overview Followed May 2016 ECB decision to implement AnaCredit reporting, see #27641. Several European credit registers stated intend stop participation in Euro-Evidenz. Deutsche Bundesbank decided to stop investing in adjustment of Euro-Evidenz. Therefore reporting requirements for Euro-Evidenz…
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SEC Expiration Tick Size Pilot

On Jan. 16, 2019, FINRA announced pilot data collection to end on Apr. 2, 2019. While pilot quoting, trading requirements ended on Oct. 2, 2018, firms meeting definition of trading center continued obligation to submit specific data element. OATS will continue to accept data with fields populated, and will not be rejected. May choose continue…
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